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“Some Lessons Learned in 2020…”

Jan 26, 2021 |

We all learned lots of lessons, some in health and politics we probably could have skipped, and since those have been so completely covered in every imaginable form of media, we’ll look at some different lessons here.

Ironsides learned that we have an amazing community of Clients, with collaborative and challenging end users, ever pushing us to make our good systems better. Our technology proved to be so useful in remote accountability and management of print-mail factories, while also alleviating via automation the necessary production reporting otherwise done manually, tediously and inaccurately by already overtaxed operators. We learned that we could make a positive difference every day in our small part of the world.

And this Print World, our once and future “over the hill” printing industry, yet again proved its resiliency and value. By and large, printing was a pretty good place to be in 2020, and too many hospitality and travel service people would not argue with that.  Let’s hope that they all get back to the new normal as soon as possible.

We’ve always thought we had a great team, and that was proven time and again with their extra planning and prepping to support primarily remote operations, with the occasional long road trips ‘above and beyond’ the norm, to provide camera and other hardware hands-on expertise.

2020 provided unexpected “new time” to pause, evaluate, re-set, commit and execute new technology, support and business initiatives – those nagging “great ideas” you get on an airplane, yet never have time to think about when back on the ground. We learned how to use our newfound ground time to great advantage for our community, we believe.

Yes, you’ve heard it a hundred times – so one more time won’t hurt you – we learned to appreciate the small stuff – we tried to smell the flowers throughout some dangerous and sad times.

And we especially learned to appreciate lots of big stuff: our clients and community; our families, and friends; our industry, and opportunities – and accept the fact that collectively we have faced worse and come back better.

Here again is to a tremendous 2021 for all.

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