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“We are grateful for your support…”

Dec 08, 2020 |


Yes, to all our wonderful clients, we are truly grateful for your support, and today I have to also thank our support staff for their terrific work as well.

2020 has been one crazy year for any number of reasons, and certainly the difficulty in travelling is on that special list. However, our dedicated and committed support team has managed to take onboard several key new clients during CV 19 – the closest being 600 miles away. While most of our work involves our tracking software, we also provide the camera and scanner hardware to read documents in production and feed real time status data to our software. Which means that our man Ray, never known not to wear a smile, drove almost 17,000 miles during CV 19 to support our installations. I don’t want to figure out how many windshield hours that is, but it’s safe to say that Ray had plenty of time to practice his church choir assignments.

The software installation, testing and end user training was done remotely. These new clients crossed a number of different applications, including a new version of our software. We think it says a lot about the planning, testing, execution and functionality of our software modules that 100% of this 2020 work was done from home offices. We generally prefer that we do a portion of this work on-site together with our client’s, as it certainly helps to physically see how different clients run different applications on different sets of equipment. Yet this was not practical in 2020, so we made good use of zoom. And of course, Ray would be there for some of the support as well. We prefer to have that live face-face training for several days because it helps build the rapport and relationships between our end users and our staff who support them. Again, zoom to the rescue and we found that literally everyone made the most of some challenging situations.

Going into April and May, I had no idea what to expect. Ray and I had a number of conversations, and he just said he would do whatever it takes to support our clients and our team - Semper Fi – and he did just that and more. The entire team went above and beyond in delivering results and bringing important new clients into our community.

I’ve been extremely, yet quietly, very impressed for many months and I felt it was important to speak out and publicly say “thank you”. Our clients have been remarkably helpful along with our support team. Thank you all for making 2020 a year to remember in a very positive way!

Bill Riley – President of Ironsides Technology

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