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Data Consolidation and Data Facilitation

Feb 22, 2021 |

You are correct – I never heard of “data facilitation” until I thought about how we have frequently adapted our core system to meet Client - and Partner- requirements.

It starts with who Ironsides is, what we do and why we do it. We are built to be a neutral data consolidation engine within a document production facility which collects data from any production device, and then “Dashboards” production status in real time so clients can see and be automatically alerted to job production status.

To do this effectively and efficiently, we embodied the practice from day one that we would always be part of a partnership or collective effort to create a better workflow solution for clients. We planned that we would always be in a “servant” role, rather than a “master” role. That master is always the Client, and occasionally a primary system to which we provide additional features, functions, and benefits. Because the attitude “to serve” is central to our DNA, we expect to go to any length to satisfy Client and Partner expectations. It’s just who and why we are.

This is a long way of saying that it is common for Ironsides to do “special integrations”, frequently behind the scenes and out of the spotlight. One such service is what we call data facilitation – that is, helping to ensure that data actually does flow from point A to point B; namely from some device to our central Dashboard. Cases in point include adapting to last minute changes within complex integration projects. Despite weeks and even months of planning and testing, sometimes things still go wrong – data does not move as planned. It is in these situations that a smaller independent software system – with a mission to provide service – can be especially useful. Because our software is 100% original self-built code, we do not have multiple layers of legacy or 3rd party testing to perform before we execute a software patch. And time and again, getting that patch done quickly and efficiently to facilitate data movement can be the difference between a successful installation and otherwise huge delays and backlash.

My task was to talk about custom applications that Ironsides has done over the years, and there are plenty of exciting stories there. But they are like thunder and lightning. Thunder gets all the attention and noise – but lightning does the work. Ironsides has had the opportunity to bring “lightning” impact to many integrations because we are built to serve, built to get things done – and we do exactly that! To those of you who know this from experience, thanks for working with our team. For those of you looking for a “get it done” approach to thorny integrations, we’d enjoy getting to meet you.

By Bill Riley 

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