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Thoughts on attending trade events…

Mar 29, 2021 |

These past 12 months have wreaked havoc on live trade events, once such a vital enabling forum for new ideas, products, and people in our industry. Zoom meetings and virtual trade events have filled in the void, which in the absence of meeting live has led to a bit of overload, which arguably helps to reinforce the value of face-to-face live events. In our new normal, the hybrid model of live supported with remote will prove to be effective, more economical, and efficient.

Having said this, Ironsides is participating in our first virtual event, AP Tech on April 14. We are very impressed with the format and expertise of the hosting team, and frankly, we do not want to delay “events” any longer. We hope you will join us.

As a long time industry participant, I’ve always had mixed feelings about our trade events. For exhibitors, they tend to be massively expensive and an enormous amount of work. Literally quite exhausting, and BTW never sit down, because you will never be able to stand again on that plush concrete floor…

However, it is all worth it when you finally meet that “elusive someone” and/or finally have that very important and informative meeting with those exclusive “someone’s” who can move projects forward and make decisions.

Trade events are immensely valuable for pulling far flung parties together to provide that eye-to-eye exchange, and address lingering issues of need, want and value that determine the life or death of many projects – for both buyers and sellers. It is absolutely a two-way street relating to how and why parties determine whether to work together. Trade events are unique in creating a milestone moment which target and agree to bring these parties together. Both to support a particular project, while providing the ideal venue to learn about about new and changing technologies and solutions.

We never look at the quantity of trade show meetings – our focus is always on the quality of those meetings. Even a few quality meetings justify the effort and expense. As they say, a qualified new prospect or the advancement of a critical project or the closing of a deal are all - almost priceless…

We look forward to live events again later in 2021 and hope to see you virtually in AP Tech on April 14.

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