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View the Nor'Star APT product in action!

Sep 07, 2020 |




TJ Forsythe, VP of U.S. Sales for Ironsides Technology will provide a solutions demonstration of APT (Automated Production Tracking), which is a module within the Ironsides Nor'Star System.

Demonstration will provide insight to how organizations in the print and mail industry leverage the APT module to centralize production processes to provide immediate value into their organization. 

Key product highlights of the review will include:

  • An overview of the Nor’Star APT system
  • Real life scenario’s and reasons why customers leverage the Nor’Star APT system
  • Functionality overview newly enhanced dashboards
  • Review of piece level tracking/auditing process and how we do it
  • Review of data collection methodology
  • APT product features such as real time SLA Management, Device Monitoring, and both custom and standard reporting
  • Importance of centralizing data to compliment real time data sharing and transparency with 3rd party reporting, MIS, client facing portals, and other middleware imperative to the ADF (Automated Document Factory) process.

    The net results and cost savings from Nor’Star APT deployments across our customer base include:
  • Immediate risk elimination and end to end audit trail of your document distribution process
  • Elimination of manual labor associated to QC, production updates, reporting, and data collection
  • Cost avoidance for unnecessary contractual penalty, fines, and manufacturing/consumables associated to remakes
  • Leverage existing hardware setup to avoid capital investment in new equipment
  • Real time visibility to all facets of your business (employees, jobs, machines)
  • Business intelligence to measure your operational effectiveness vs. established standards
  • Negate internal IT costs for developing and maintaining tracking software, along with operational connections

    If you are interested in learning more, please register for one of the two sessions we have made available for the end of September. 

Please use the links below to register:

September 23rd – 11:00 AM: Register here 

September 24th – 11:00 AM: Register here 

We look forward to sharing some great information with you!


The Ironsides Team 

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